Focus happiness and feeding explained

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Your friend Focus needs food. Like you do! 

He loves to eat donuts, so please feed him some to keep him happy!

How to feed Focus

1) Run the donut machine (in the normal mode or through a challenge) and produce some donuts

2) After you stopped the machine, all donuts will be visible in the "Donut Stash".

3) Open the "Donut Stash" aka the Paw Icon and click on "Feed donuts"

4) You have successfully fed your friend and made him happy

How the happiness level works

A) Focus will be unhappy if he is not fed!

B) You will need to feed him some donuts to make him medium happy and more donuts do make him super happy.

C) The amount of donuts required to achieve the different happiness levels change when you reach higher levels!

D) This means you need to feed your friend more donuts when you are level 40 compared to level 10.


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