Challenge and their rewards are randomly generated every ~12 hours.

The basic rule is: The longer the challenge the higher the reward. 

  • A short challenge may earn just some coins.
  • A medium long challenge may earn coins and a normal donut.
  • Long to very long challenges may earn coins, gems and a rare or epic donut.

How to unlock new challenge rewards

The reward donuts are randomly chosen from the users unlocked donut recipes from the „normal“ and „goals“ donut category. 

This means that every unlocked/purchased donut from the „normal“ or „goals“ donut pack can become a reward. To unlock/purchase a donut click on the store button (symbol: a house) and then click on the „goals“ or „normal“ donut pack at the top of the screen. Select a donut you would like to unlock and click „buy“.

When challenges are rewarded

If a challenge is reached and notifications are turned on, the user will receive a notification. The session does not stop automatically and must be stoped by the user.